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Good Neighbour Fencing
Standard Timber Fencing

This is a custom style fence built with 1200mm high palings and large 100mm x 150mm hard wood postsalong with a matching hard wood railing. All the rails are bolted between the posts with large brackets giving great street appeal.


Splat & Custom Fencing
Lapped & Capped Fencing



Timber fencing is Australian's most popular form of home fencing. It's tough and long lasting durability is reliable and well loved amongst most Aussies.


From traditional timber paling fences to good neighbour, lapped and capped and the modern and stylish 'splat' fencing at South East Fencescapes we can build them all.


All forms of timber fencing have appropriate and stylish returns to match and not only border your home but add street appeal to the front of your home and value too!


This is a common dividing fence between 1.2m and 1.8m high. The palings are butted together on installations giving thefence great privacy.

As with standard fencing and lapped and capped fencing, good neighbour ranges in height from 1.2m to 1.8m. when installing the palings they are attached with small gaps on one side of the fence then the gaps are covered with palings on the other side of the fence. Giving a similar look from both sides of the fence.

This fence is built very similar to standard fencing but Lapped and Capped offers complete privacy. Palings are attached to the fence first with a small gap between each one and finished off with a second layer of palings to cover the gaps. This gives a layered effect and is finished off with a capping rail on top. Perfect block out privacy for animals that don't like the minor seperation between palings that the standard fencing can create.

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